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Cement Heads are available in sizes 5-1/2" through 13-3/8". The cementing head is installed to connect the pumps of the cementing trucks to the casing string and provides access for insertion & launching of cementing plugs . Conventional Single Plug Cementing Head . 1.API 5CT specification. 2.AISI 4145H alloy steel. China Standard Size Hammer Union Seal Manufacturer Jst API Standard High Pressure Single Plug Cementing Head for WellStandard size hammer union seal . Hammer Union Seals are used in hammer union-style pipe connections to establish flow lines and prevent leakage.It is widely used in the oil & gas industry. Our hammer union seals ring are available in a range of configurations and materials to match the specific performance requirements of your demanding operating enivronments. API/ISO Standards, RP and TR ,

API 6A Standard Specification

Cementing plug , used to isolate different liquids during cementing operations, loading rubber products in cement heads . Add Mazhuangqiao Industrial Park , Puyang City, Henan Province Hotline +86-18039362791 Fax +86-393-4807593

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